For the record


My mom hates this picture.  I posted it on a social media site not long ago and she just about flipped her lid.  That’s me, on the left, and my brother on the right.  And yes, he is, as a matter of fact, drinking a beer.  A Natural Light, to be exact.

She didn’t believe me, so I pulled up a pic of an old school Natty Light can, and it’s pretty hard to deny.  For the record, this wasn’t a regular occurrence, hence the scandalized hands-upon-the-head, and the need to document the moment with a polaroid for posterity.  I have no doubt my mom wasn’t around that day, because she wasn’t in the habit of feeding her toddlers alcohol.

Nevertheless, I love this pic.  I can almost feel the heat that would have been beating down on our heads, and the sticky humidity that came along with it like a big bully of an older brother.  Nostalgia comes in all shapes and forms, sometimes even in an old photo that irritates your mother.