Now We’re Cooking!

So stupendously excited to share some news on the book front!  I’ve been sitting on it for weeks now, but the ink is dry, and I can officially announce that Lake Union Publishing, an imprint of Amazon’s traditional publishing arm, has picked up THE GRAVE TENDER for re-publication in 2017.  And the good news doesn’t end there!

Around the same time that a fairy godmother, in the form of one lovely Miriam Juskowicz, sprinkled a little Amazon fairy dust into my inbox, I can confirm that good things do, in fact, come in threes.  In no particular order, that includes an offer of representation by the equally lovely literary agent Katie Shea Boutillier of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

And you remember, I said threes, right?  Right.  As if that weren’t excitement enough to send me into a full-on meltdown, Lake Union has contracted a brand spanking new book!


Okay.  Freak out has commenced.


3 thoughts on “Now We’re Cooking!

  1. Reading Kinfolk now, love “the brithches”!!!! Congratulations Eliza, look forward to reading your next novel.


  2. I’ve read ALL of your books this week, and have preordered your next one. Can’t believe I have to wait until next May to read another book by my new favorite author, Eliza Maxwell !


    1. I’m thrilled you enjoyed them Nancy! Hopefully you’ll hang in there with me until May, you won’t want to miss the next one. I don’t know if a writer is ever supposed to admit having favorites, but THE WIDOW’S WATCHER is definitely mine. 🙂


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